Tele-Health FAQ’s

Will my insurance cover?
We are finding that most insurances will cover Virtual visits for reasons including sick, medication checks, behavioral, nutrition, etc.   We try to make sure we notify you if you have an insurance that has a no virtual visit policy but it is always helpful to contact your insurance and make sure you know what your coverage includes.   Virtual visits are often subject to co-pays and deductibles the same as in person office visits.  Again, we encourage you to check with your insurance.  However, if you are not in the state of Maryland when doing the telehealth visit, the provider may ask you to do a phone consult.  The insurance may or may not cover a phone consult but state laws at the time will dictate what kind of visit we will do.

What if I have to come into the office the same day?  Do I get charged 2 co-pays?
The purpose of the walk in sick virtual visits is to assess whether we need to see you in the office or run any tests.  If we can take care of it over the Virtual Visit then we will be happy to and save you a trip to the office!  However, if the provider decides we need to see you in the office the same day, that visit turns into an in person visit.  Still only one copay and one visit billed to your insurance the same day. 

What if I would rather come into the office to be seen?
While we are trying to make sure we limit how many patients are in the office at the same time and keep our waiting room as empty as possible, we are always happy to see you in the office if that is your preference.   We have policies in place on scheduling to allow us to see you!

How do I know the provider knows I am waiting in the virtual waiting room?
The providers get a notification when you enter their waiting room.  But, just like in office visits, the provider may be running behind based on the call/visit before you.  Please hang in there and know that someone will be with you as soon as they can!

Is the link the same every time?
Depending on the provider you are seeing, the ending of the link will be different.   If you have to reschedule your appointment for some reason and the provider is the same, the link will be the same.

What is a walk-in virtual visit?
This is our version of a walk in sick visit without having to leave your house (maybe)?  In order to maintain a safety policy and keeping our waiting room as empty as possible, we will no longer have walk in sick visits, but rather walk in virtual sick visits! No scheduling needed during these “walk in” hours Mon-Fri 8:30am to 10:30am, 1pm-2pm and Saturdays 8:30am-11:00am. Click on the link on our website for the during the day walk in times and you will be connected to a provider! 

What are the hours for walk in sick virtual visits?
Monday-Friday from 8:30am – 10:30am and 1:00pm-2:00pm, Saturdays 8:30a-10:00a

Which devices can I use for Televisits?
Laptops with cameras and microphones or smartphones are the best.  IPADS work too!  For laptops the televisits will work on Google Chrome and Firefox best.  If clicking on the link texted to you on your phone the website will automatically open in Safari but please know that if you need to type in the link on your phone, Safari is the only browser that will work.  Make sure you have enabled your microphone and camera on whichever device you choose! 

What if I am late for a Video Visit?
Just like in the office, if the provider can still see you they will, but to try our best to remain on time with all of our patients, if you are given a specific appointment time for a televisit, we ask you log in at that time or a couple minutes before.

What if I am getting an error message?
An error message usually indicates there is something wrong with the website.  Sometimes this occurs if they have a lot of traffic on their site at that moment.  With the new measures in place for COVID, you may see this from time to time.  Try to refresh your browser or leave the website and click on the link again.  If doing this a couple times does not solve the issue, then please call our office.   

For your assistance, we have provided links to you tube videos on how to use as the patient!