We are administering the vaccine for 5-11yrs old (Pfizer) and 6mo to 4yrs old (Pfizer).
12 yrs and older need to go to a local pharmacy and/or community clinic for now.

5-11yr vaccine:
*The second dose is given 21 days after the first
**Appointments can be booked online and are given on Tuesday and Thursday only to avoid wasting vaccine.

6m-4yrs vaccine:
*The 2nd dose is given 21 days from the 1st and the 3rd dose is 8 weeks from the 2nd.
**We will have some walk in outdoor clinics in July to administer or you can book an appointment online.
***Appointments other than the walk in clinics are only available on Tuesday and Thursday-but we will continue to assess this and may change this for the younger population. We are doing our best not to waste vaccine.

*The vaccine can be given after Covid infection as soon as the isolation period is over and your child is feeling better but is it reasonable to wait up to 90 days if you wish since reinfection within this period of time is rare.
**Children First will give boosters and 2nd/3rd doses even if you didn’t get the first shot at our office. You MUST bring your vaccination card with you to show when the doses were already received so we can make sure we have that information in our system and so that we can update your card with the shots your receive from us.