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Local Resources
Home Visits, Pump Rentals, Supplies, General Questions
State of Maryland WIC Breastfeeding Program
La Leche League for MD –several counties

National Resources
AAP Breastfeeding Initiatives
Articles, Webinars, Guides to Breastfeeding Questions
Great resource for any question you have about breastmilk and breastfeeding
Medications while Breastfeeding

Videos:  Misconceptions about Breastfeeding  Benefits of Breastfeeding

Track Developmental Milestones birth to 5 yrs old, get reminders,
All kids health topics, search milestones for a specific age, symptom checker and more!
Developmental geared to younger children


Specific Diagnosis/Concerns
Asthma devices/equipment
vaccines, recommendations
For Families with Autistic Children
ADHD Resources
Social Skills groups for all ages
Sleep, Development Topics
Support and Info for families

Mental Health

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